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Prepping for our own tile

May 6, 2007

Boy, are we ever NOT used to manual labor! I have a blister on my finger as I’m typing this. We decided that, rather than pay $600 for the professional people to install sheet vinyl in our laundry room & under-the-stairs closet, we would do it ourselves. The flooring people come a week from tomorrow, so, acting on my father’s advice, we decided to prep the floor for our vinyl tiles today, in order to have it ready to lay these down by next weekend. The reason for this is that we would like to lay our vinyl flooring down before the transitions are put in, so that we don’t have to try to pull up the transitions and put our flooring down under them.

Today, we bought a scraper and some sealant and went out to the house to scrape the concrete piles and drywall spray off of our laundry room & closet floors. In retrospect, we should have bought one large scraper and one small one, so that we could have worked simultaneously, instead of taking turns. In retrospect, we should have worn goggles, so that the flying bits of concrete didn’t get into our eyes (we used our sunglasses). In retrospect, we should have bought dust masks, instead of depending on the chance that our painters had left an unused pair there (they had – huzzah!). In retrospect, we should have brought a broom & dustpan (we borrowed our neighbor’s broom). In retrospect, we should have brought an empty vacuum bag, since our vacuum bag weighed about 10 pounds when we’d finished! In retrospect, I should have put mosquito repellent on my face, not just on my arms & neck. The mosquitoes are nesting by the dozens inside our house, and they swarmed all over my face. Apparently I am one sweet woman.

Here’s what we did right: we brought our vacuum. We bought the floor sealant. We bought a paint roller that had a tight foam roller, rather than a more absorbent, hairy one. I did at least have mosquito repellent on my arms & legs. We brought very optimistic attitudes, as you will see by our plan for the day.

We planned on sealing the floor this morning, then heading out to the Earl of Sandwich for lunch and the Gap for some summer clothing shopping. Ha! We were caked, coated, and crusty with white dust after 2 hours of work, so we instead went home and took a shower.

After that, we were in no mood to fight the Disney traffic, so we headed to Tijuana Flats for lunch instead, and then went grocery shopping and came home, ready to go to sleep by 4 pm!

Here is what the laundry room looked like before we began:

Here are some photos of us doing our first manual labor in I-don’t-know-how-long:

I will post some “after” pictures once we get the vinyl flooring laid down next weekend. We are just going with the 12″ square, stick-on vinyl tiles from Home Depot. We’ve used these before, on our floor in New York, though that apartment floor was cardboard and so thus didn’t require the manual labor that this job does.