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We’re floored!

July 21, 2007

Our bamboo floor is mostly, but not entirely, finished. The installers only have the landing on the stairs to complete, then the carpet, and then we will have our floors completely covered. The bamboo looks so nice; the light color really opens up the rooms and makes them look brighter. It’s interesting how the floor itself seems to be different shades, depending on the color of the walls.

Here is a photo of the bamboo floor in the foyer, with the bamboo transitions:

And, to showcase the color difference, here is the bamboo floor in the dark red library:

And here is the same bamboo floor in the light green guest bedroom:

Our builder, Woody, has had his one employee, Nick, hard at work staining and painting our stairs. Apparently Nick enjoys working on our house now that we have an air conditioner and a working microwave! We went out to the house on Thursday of this week, so we have a photo of the stairs with the maple treads stained but the risers not yet painted:

And the same stairs on Saturday, with the pine risers primed:

We have a large box on our front porch, and Woody and Nick very kindly break down all cardboard for us and put it into the large box, so that on Saturdays, we can bring the cardboard to the recycling center. Today, we had two surprises in our cardboard. One was a roach (!!!), and the other was a large, 4-5″ spider:

Luckily, the spider very kindly moved aside and let us unload all of the cardboard boxes, and we, in return, left him dwelling peacefully in our large box.

Next steps: Nick will continue painting & staining the risers, railings, and balusters.  The flooring company will install the carpet and bamboo landing.  And our landscaper will begin working tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday to get in our irrigation systems.  We are very, very close to being finished!