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We have the power!

July 14, 2007

That is our big news for the week: we passed the electrical inspections, and we now have power. It felt so luxurious to walk into our house and feel it as a cool, comfortable 78 degrees. Ah, the simple joys of air conditioning!

Because the power is now on, the flooring guys can begin the flooring installation next week. They will lay down our bamboo floors, starting either Tuesday or Wednesday. The bamboo needs to acclimate to our particular temperature/humidity conditions, so the boxes of flooring have been delivered and are acclimating:

Here is a closeup of our flooring, which is Columbia brand bamboo:

The other big news is that we now have a driveway! Our builder, Woody, poured our driveway this week. It’s mostly, but not entirely, dry yet. Dry enough to walk on, but not dry enough to park on:

Now that our driveway is poured, our landscaper can come out and lay our sod and plant the plants we’ve ordered. I’m going out on Tuesday to meet with the landscaper and Woody, so that should be interesting. We have our landscaping plan made, and I would post it here, except that it’s a .pdf file and I don’t know how to turn that into an image that I can upload. If any experts out there want to volunteer some help with this, that would be great, because then I could put up our landscaping plan.

A note about mosquitos here: they are crazy!  Our dog Hannah stepped outside of our apartment today, and a swarm of hundreds of mosquitos just rose from the grass and descended upon us.  I’ve never seen so many of them, just waiting in the grass like that.  It looked like a cloud rising up to bite us!

Next steps: landscaping & flooring, both happening this coming week. We’re nearly there!