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Hannah’s Day at the House

August 26, 2007

Hannah had a grand day at the house today – her first visit since it’s become an actual house. We brought over our last load of books and worked on organizing our library, and we went outside to work again on cutting down the multitude of dead limbs on our backyard oaks.

A caveat: Hannah is an elderly dog with a nervous disposition. That being the case, not only did we put her little shoes on her when she was inside the house, but we also brought along her diaper, just in case of accidents. We don’t have paper towels out at the house yet, and didn’t want to deal with a bamboo incident on her first visit. Today was in the nature of a trial run, to show her where she was going to be living, and to see how she did in the house and yard. So Hannah will look like a doofus, all shoed and diapered in the in-house photos:

The big reason why we had bahia grass put into part of our yard was to give Hannah a lawn, since she is a lawn lover. Nothing makes Hannah happier than rolling around on her back in a nice, wet patch of grass:

And here she is having a good time in her new yard:

Hannah tried to dig her way out of the fenced yard at one point. Give the girl a 1/2 acre of fenced yard, and she behaves like a prisoner trying to escape torture. Then she met our neighbor’s two boxers Kenya and Gouda. Kenya is the silver boxer, and Gouda, the brown boxer, did not like Hannah at all. The fence on this side of our yard belongs to our neighbors, and the wire they used was big enough to enable Gouda to stick his head entirely through and try to bite Hannah! She isn’t extremely interested in other dogs, though, so we are thinking that once she gets used to them, she will just carry on as usual, safely out of biting range.

After a full morning of running, romping, and trying to escape from our yard, Hannah was exhausted:

We are back at the apartment now, and she is still sleeping soundly!