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In a pup-ready state

August 25, 2007

Our house is now in a pup-ready state.  By which I mean that the fence is in.  Except for the gate, but that’s okay; we are going to block that opening tomorrow and bring in Little Miss Hannah for her first-ever romp in her first-ever yard.  For those not in the know about our Hannah, she is a 10 year old beagle/lab mix.  We adopted her when she was 9 years old, and she spent her first 9 years sitting in a cage by herself in some guy’s yard.  She occasionally managed to get herself pregnant several times, so possibly she got loose occasionally, and she also managed to catch a nice case of heartworms.  But now Hannah is with us, and will have her very own house and yard.  Yay for Hannah!
We’ve bought her a cute pair of little blue shoes (Bark ‘n Boots Grip Trex) for use indoors, so she doesn’t scuff our bamboo floors. We’ll also be able to use these at the beach over Thanksgiving break. Hannah gets sore paws at the beach, and tends to walk until she’s sore, then sit down and refuse to go a step further, at which point we have to coax and cajole her all the way back to the beach house.

Here is a photo of our backyard with the 4-rail fence.  Our HOA ostensibly only allows 4-rail fences, though from the fact that there are chain-link and white metal fences in our community, they seem to be very inconsistent in their enforcement.  Ah, well, we are rules-followers, so here is our fence:

We didn’t fence the entire backyard; we came in a bit on the eastern side of our property, because there is a drainage easement and we didn’t want to bury the poles in wet ground.  For that same reason, we came up a bit in the backyard, as well.  Our two acres of forested conservation land are in the background, behind our fence, and it really is a lovely yard, if I do say so myself!  It needs a bit of cleaning up, but we want to keep as natural a look as possible.

Yet another preparation for Hannah’s advent was the installation of a dog septic system, near our own human septic system.  Andy went out today and dug a 4-foot hole for the Doggie Dooley.  Because our ground is sandy, we had to fill the hole with a PVC drainage pipe, as well as drainage gravel.  Here is the finished product:

Our builder, Woody, has been hard at work installing the closet systems.  He’s finished the systems for the guest bedroom:

And its mate for the library:

Our master bedroom closet system isn’t quite finished yet:

Because it’s a walk-in closet, this one is wide enough for us each to have our own side of the closet, with our own closet systems.

Our water is kind of stinky (smells like sulfurous eggs), and our neighbors have a water softener, so we purchased a GE GXSF30H water softener which was delivered today.  It’s not installed yet, but we asked Woody whether he could get the plumber to install this, and he said it wouldn’t be a problem.

Next steps:  We are still waiting for the tank of our Toto Aquia for the downstairs bathroom to be delivered.  It was broken when the toilet came in, so the plumber had to re-order the tank.  We can’t convert our construction loan to an actual mortgage until the house is completely finished, so even though the C.O. is ready, we still haven’t changed over our loan.

Woody will finish the closet systems, and the fence installers will install the 5-foot gate this coming week.  We’ve also ordered our 18kW generator which will be arriving in two weeks or so.

And the big news is that we’re moving in this coming weekend!  Since we have new furniture at our house (our first new furniture ever!), we are going to donate most of the large items at our apartment to a charity.  Which means that we don’t have to deal with moving them, huzzah!  A few large items, notably the aquarium and the bed, will be coming with us, but things like the futon, washer, and dryer will be donated.