Our Blue Heaven

Here it is! The front porch is painted, and I think that the white roof looks just gorgeous against the blue, blue sky. Here it is from the front:

And from the side, so you can see our oaks just to the right of the house:

So we got some of our new furniture today. The chest of drawers is still on backorder, and the table top that the drivers brought was cracked, so they had to bring it back to American Signature Furniture. But the sofa, chair, ottoman and cocktail table arrived for the living room:

The sofa is incredibly soft and luscious; I can’t wait to sink into it and read a good book.

The refrigerator had come earlier this week, to complete our kitchen. My advice to anyone ordering an LG appliance that’s not in stock at the store? Order it at least four months in advance of the date that you actually want the refrigerator delivered. Ours was purchased back in mid-April.

We really wanted this model, though (the LFD25860) for a few reasons: 1. It is energy efficient (only 499 kWh/year). 2. It is available in titanium, so no Stainless Steel finish smudges. 3. It has a water-only dispenser, not water and ice, which saves energy and I think ice is gross anyway. Somehow icemakers always get bugs in them, no matter what. 4. It has a tilt-out freezer. And, last but not least, 5. It has French doors. This was the only model that met all of our criteria, so we waited patiently from April to August for this refrigerator to arrive at the Appliance Direct.

Now, our master bedroom furniture caused problems. The master bedroom is upstairs, and our armoire is apparently incredibly heavy. So the two movers, doing their best with the armoire, still made two bangs in the wall:

One of the two movers was a weak link, and we were thankful to get away with just these dents. He literally almost dropped the entire armoire down the stairs, which would have smashed our stairs, our floor, our banister, and, last but not least, his moving partner. I just don’t think this guy was cut out for moving. He was a large-ish sized man, but he just didn’t have the strength to match his appearance.

On his way upstairs with the footboard of our bed (come on – a footboard? That shouldn’t be too heavy), he gave us this lovely gift:

Thankfully, Woody is still part of our lives, so we can beg and plead with him to do a nice patch job for us. We’re not sure how we are going to be able to bear to part with Woody and are thinking about keeping him on retainer, just so we have someone to whom we can cry, “Help!” when anything goes wrong.

Here is the infamous armoire, or drywall-smashing repute:

And here is the rest of our bedroom set, sans chest of drawers, obviously. I think that we did a very nice job matching the sconces to our furniture:

Moving back downstairs, we have the six chairs for our dining table, just in case we ever decide to abandon our lives as recluses and become social butterflies:

And here is our dining table itself, proving that half a table is, indeed, no better than no table:

Last but not least, Andy took another photo of our downstairs bath, of which we are oh-so-proud:

If cheerful and soothing were a house, they would be our house. I love it! And we are lucky enough to have our apartment until mid-September, so, unlike past moves, we can make slow, leisurely progress. We’ve already moved over some of our books, and our next big project is to install a mailbox! Oh, and a water softener (so’s we don’t smell like rotten eggs after our showers there) and a generator (so’s we don’t lose all power during hurricanes).

House, house, house, house!


3 Responses to “Our Blue Heaven”

  1. chrislei Says:

    Your house is absolutely gorgeous! I have been following your journey since I found your link to it (I think it was on the DISboards…unless a scrapping board or something).

    I am kinda going to miss it once you are all done. May you be blessed with many many years of happiness in your new home!


  2. ckmurdock12 Says:

    Hey…beautiful house. I enjoyed reading about your adventures. As it turns out…I happen to be a General Manager of a American Signature Furniture in Central Florida. I would like to make sure that your furniture issues are being taken care of properly. You can e mail me at ckmurdock12@yahoo.com or call me at the store 407.571.0529

  3. swigginton Says:

    Gorgeous home! I have enjoyed reading your blog the last year and will miss the journey y’all have been on. (I admit I’ve been a bit jealous too, our dream addition still hasn’t progressed since then!)

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