Roll out the brown carpet!

We now are the proud owners of some brown upstairs carpet. The upstairs landing area, master bedroom, and walk-in closet are all carpeted with a brown frieze carpet:

And, since the stain on the stairs is now dry, we were able to go upstairs and get a photo of the bamboo flooring in the great room:

Hot, Baby!

Some of the stair railings are up, but not all, so we’re waiting until they are complete before posting more stairs photos.

A lot of the action this week took place in the yard, where the landscapers have mowed and thinned out (a bit, but very conservatively as we requested) the front yard oaks/palmettos area. Here is the new front yard:

We’d asked them to put a short latticework fence around the well, so that we can plant coral honeysuckle (a Florida native) to hide the unsightly, bright blue well. The latticework is low enough for us to easily scale it and wide enough where we can comfortably work with the well if necessary.

The landscapers also mowed our back yard – halleluia! – so that now we can actually walk without fear of stomping on a rattlesnake. This is the area where my raised garden beds will go:

And, just because I don’t think we’ve shown a photo of the finished back side of the house, here it is:

This picture was taken from behind two of our oak/palmetto clumps. We’re going to thin these out a little, not a lot, ourselves, but basically we plan on keeping these islands of plants and using them to define the back yard. There will be a path right between the two.

Next steps: Our builder Woody has called for the final inspection this coming week, which means that his helper, Nick, has got to finish putting up the railing first. After some appliance issues with Home Depot, which I will discuss in a later post, we ended up cancelling our dishwasher order there and getting a new one from Appliance Direct. Our new dishwasher and refrigerator are both supposed to be delivered this week.


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