Our Letter to Home Depot

We have a useful tip for customers who plan on purchasing appliances from Home Depot:   Have the salesperson check availability in the computer, and don’t believe, “It’s not in right now, but will be in our warehouse in [insert time frame here].  For anyone interested in our Home Depot experience, here is a copy of our letter to their Customer Care department:

We are very concerned about the recent unscrupulous business practices that we have experienced at Home Depot.  On April 15, 2007, we purchased a black LG 6810 dishwasher from the Home Depot store # 6367 in Orlando.  Because the dishwasher was for a new home construction, we asked the salesperson to set the delivery date for July 13.  We called the store in mid June, to request that the delivery date be moved up, as we were now ready for the dishwasher. 

We were first told that the dishwasher would be delivered on June 23.  Then we got a call saying that it would be delivered on June 30.  June 30 came and went, and no dishwasher was forthcoming.  We called Home Depot again, and we were then told that it would be delivered on July 15.  When we called to check on this, we were told that it was possible the dishwasher would be delivered in September, but that Home Depot really had no idea. 

At this point, our house was completed and our final inspection was being delayed because of the non-arrival of our paid-for-in-April dishwasher.  We finally went to another appliance store, and were told what Home Depot MUST have known: LG was no longer making this model of dishwasher.  When we called the Home Depot store again, armed with this information, they admitted that this was indeed the case.  Home Depot had taken our money back in April, and was trying to put us off until September (and probably then later and later and later) but had NO intention of delivering to us the dishwasher that we’d paid for.

This is the stuff scams are made of: one company taking a customer’s money with no intention of ever delivering the product to the customer.  That money could have been accruing interest for the past 3 months.  Instead, Home Depot “borrowed” $685 from us, interest-free.  Our sales associate at the Orlando branch told us what had actually happened: Home Depot had sold OUR paid-in-full dishwasher to someone else, and was just trying to see how long they could put us off, without actually delivering an appliance to us.

Of note is the fact that this product is still advertised as being for sale in stores and online, and it is not listed as being backordered on the online store.  Presumably other customers are lending their money, interest-free, to Home Depot.

When we finally wised up and realized the truth: that no dishwasher would be delivered to us, we called the Home Depot and asked whether they would be willing to do an exchange for the new model of LG dishwasher in black that had replaced our model, the 6810.  We were told that for this model, also, there were no black dishwashers, so we requested a full refund.

We are concerned, though, about these unscrupulous business practices.  We feel that Home Depot accepted our money under false pretenses.  We regret the 3 months that Home Depot kept our money, money that could have been earning interest in our own account.  And we are very concerned that Home Depot is pulling the same scam on other customers that they pulled on us.


Home Depot’s bright idea of service recovery was to substitute an older, lesser quality LG dishwasher model for the fully integrated dishwasher we’d purchased.  Their second idea, that they switch us to a GE product, did not sit well with us either.  We’d purchased the LDF 6810BB for several reasons: fully integrated control panel, black color that avoids the unsightly stainless smudges, stainless steel interior, and upper rack only dishwashing feature.  We wanted those features – all of those features – in our dishwasher.

What we ended up doing was getting a full refund from the Home Depot and marching our money down to Appliance Direct, where we purchased the dishwasher we wanted for about $65 less than we’d paid originally at the Home Depot.  The problem is that this dishwasher has 2 small dings in the front of it.  We were unable to purchase a brand new one, because, as Appliance Direct and Home Depot well knew, this dishwasher was no longer being made.  I have to wonder how much longer Home Depot was planning on stringing us along, before acknowledging that they’d taken our money but had sold our dishwasher to someone else.

Unscrupulous, I say!



One Response to “Our Letter to Home Depot”

  1. edabbey Says:

    I think you have to get used to it as customer service seems to have died a long time ago. I had the same experience with a table only it took 4 months to get resolved


    and earlier I had another bad experience with getting a new dishwasher.




    My blood pressure rises still to this day when I think about all those things.

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