Landscape Plan

A great big thanks to edabbey who told me how I could post my .pdf file up here as an image! So without further ado, here are our landscaping plans:

Click here for a larger image. The clumps of oaks & palmettos are those that already exist on the lot. We’re trying to keep the yard as natural as possible, and we both like the look of the live oaks & palmettos. The light green areas are grass: Bahia. We would have preferred centipede grass but, frankly, couldn’t afford it! It would have cost an extra $3000, and, especially since we plan on eventually thinning out the grass and adding groundcover like sunshine mimosa, we couldn’t justify it.

We’re having a layer of rock around the house, at the recommendation of our builder. I’ve read to keep plants at least 2′ from the foundation, so the rocks will ensure that.

So this is the big plan, and I’m meeting with the landscaping guy tomorrow, to implement.


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