The Tile File

It’s looking good, and is starting to get some actual floors. Our carpets will come in after they’ve finished the tile, but the bamboo floors can’t come in until the HVAC has been running for 6 days. I will get to the pictures right away:

This is the kichen, with the tiles in place. They’re a bit dirty, but you get the idea. We used the same tiles in the foyer area, also:

The rest of the foyer will be bamboo, but we wanted a tile entryway for scraping off dirt and sand on shoes. Bamboo scratches easily, so we’re trying to do some damage control during the planning process.

We’re very proud of how the downstairs bath is turning out:

We will have white beadboard on the walls in here, and the vanity will be a pedestal bath.

The master bath is looking very nice, too, if I do say so myself:

We used green glass tiles for the accents around the tub, and we have the same accent pieces around the master shower. The brown tiles here are the same that were used downstairs.

We’ve also gotten our light switches and smoke detectors installed, and our library shelves are going up:

I can’t wait to fill these with books, books, and more books!

And that is all, until next week, when we hope to have the grout done around these tiles and the carpet laid down in the master bedroom.


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