The siding is complete!

I know that Woody is happy about that. He’s been working on that siding for quite a while. Here is our finished product:

The truck in the driveway belonged to the tile man, who was inside working when we pulled up. We didn’t stay long, so that we wouldn’t get in his way, but we took a few photos of what he was doing with the tiles. Here is the stack of tiles for the master bath:

And here is the master bath tub all framed up and ready to be tiled:

Notice that the interior doors have been installed; there’s been a lot of progress this week.

Here is the tile man himself, prepping the floor of the downstairs bathroom:

Our tile supplier was Best Flooring in Clermont. Unfortunately, they don’t have a website to which I can link this. I can’t imagine why any business, in this day and age, would not have a website. Baffling…

Here is a photo of our work last weekend, on the laundry room floor:

Those are just the vinyl 12″ square self-stick sheets, but they don’t look horrible, which is a positive. We’re saving around $400-450 by doing the laundry room & under-the-stairs closet ourselves.

Woody also finished up the soffits on the front and back porches, and now is turning his attention to the column wraps. We just want plain, square white columns, which he says will be easier to install than rounded columns. Win-win situation for both of us!

And, finally, on our way to the lot, we found yet another little buddy in the road. These tortoises are not very good with navigating the highways of Florida. This guy would just duck into his shell every time a car came by. We brought him back to our lot and turned him loose in an area where we’d seen another tortoise. This little guy was smaller than the first two tortoises we rescued from a fate as roadkill.

We’re going back to the house tomorrow, to lay some more laundry & closet tiles, and to do a wee bit of raking and composting. Next steps are to get the tiles completed, then the cabinets can go in, hopefully on June 1. We changed our cabinets slightly. We’re now using cabinets from All Wood Cabinetry, because they are about $1100 less expensive than the other cabinets we’d wanted. The Shaker style is the same, as is the all wood construction. The real difference is that these cabinets only come in Honey Spice Maple, instead of Natural Maple. The wood is still light colored, so we decided to save the $1100 and go with this brand of cabinets.

Woody will have the HVAC system installed, and the lighting set up, then he will try to get us temporary electric. He needs to run the HVAC for 6 days before the bamboo can be installed, since the planks have to acclimate to the house’s temperature & humidity levels.


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