We’ve begun purchasing appliances, which we enjoy doing, because it seems to be the only area in which we’re coming under budget. We (well, to be honest, I) get extremely excited when we get a bargain.

Our first purchase was a refrigerator, an LG model LFD25860TT. It is 25 cu. feet large, is titanium colored (I didn’t want that smudgy stainless surface), and has French doors. It also has a water dispenser on the front, not water and ice. Why, you ask? Or maybe you don’t care, but I will tell you anyway. This is because we drink LOTS of water. We usually go through several bottles every day. On the other hand, we are not big on ice. Our current ice maker tends to collect bugs, which is probably the reason for our distaste of ice. The ice dispenser on the door seemed to be an energy consumer that we could do without. Because the freezer is on the bottom, on this particular model, that is another big energy saver. This refrigerator uses only 499 kWh/year.

We saved money on this model by buying it from Appliance Direct. This model was no longer carried by Home Depot or Lowes, because they’d replaced it with the ice-dispenser-in-door model. However, we found it for a lower price than we’d paid at Best Buy, and Appliance Direct did price matching, so lowered our price to beat the Best Buy price. Good deal #1.

Our next purchase was an LG dishwasher, model LDF6810BB. This was another energy efficient model, because it allows for Upper Rack only washing. Since there are only 2 of us, we sometimes run the dishwasher without having a full load. We are hoping that this will help us save energy on those times when we have to run a partially-full load of dishes.

It’s a fully integrated dishwasher, and we got a bargain on this one by going with the color black. For some odd reason, the black model cost a full $300 less than either the stainless or white model. Home Depot was offering free delivery and a gift certificate with appliance purchases, so we also took advantage of these opportunities and their unusually low prices for this color model and purchased from them.

Our third and, thus far, final purchase was that of the range. It’s a Jenn Air range, dual fuel, model JDR8895AAB. It has the gas cooktop that my husband wanted, while having electric double ovens. The lower oven is a convection oven, while the upper, smaller oven pre-heats in half the time for still more energy efficiency.

By purchasing this range in black, we saved $200, and the black model still has stainless steel door handles and silver knobs, to coordinate with our refrigerator. My husband looked on the Jenn Air website and was able to find a $75 rebate that wasn’t mentioned at any of the appliance stores we’d been to. So sometimes it pays to see if the manufacturer offers rebates or incentives. We bought this range from Home Depot, to take advantage of their free shipping and gift card.

Home Depot also had a 20% off sale on their fans, so we decided to buy them now. We had done some research online about energy efficient fans, and we’d found this page, giving us information about the Windward III model. We chose this model for our great room, and we found another model, almost as energy efficient, called the Covington for our master bedroom. The 2 downstairs bedrooms got the Quick Connect fans, which were also Energy Star rated, and we purchased 2 fans for our back porch: the Gazebo Plus Indoor/Outdoor fans. This model was the most energy efficient indoor/outdoor fan that we could find, so that is why we went with it.

I will post more as we purchase more appliances. We have our eyes on a built-in wine cooler, and we are planning on purchasing our washer and dryer from the scratch and dent section of Appliance Direct, since these are appliances whose appearance isn’t nearly as important to us as their affordability and energy efficiency.


One Response to “Appliances!”

  1. gapey Says:

    Nice looking stove. How are you liking it after a couple of years? I’m thinking about getting a double oven but hard to decide between a gas or electric top.

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