Flooring Choices

We had our hearts set on bamboo, throughout this entire process. But far be it from us to go against the recommendations of local suppliers. Presumably, they know more about a product’s fit for our climate than we do, so we bowed to our supplier’s knowledge and let our dream of bamboo floors go. Sigh.

Our supplier is a company called Absolute Flooring, run by 2 men named John and Brad. When we need to choose floors, John and Brad drive up with their trailer full of samples. They give us samples within our price range (ostensibly!) and then we borrow them, think about them, photograph them, and make our final decisions.

Right now, we have a few choices, depending on how the pricing shakes down, but here are our first choices.

This is a photo of our first 2 flooring choices. The tile, which is Bella Porcelain by MasterCraft, Himalaya, color Brown, would be for our kitchen, master bath floors, tub surround, and shower walls. The hardwood floor, which is Johnson AMZ-E12509 Brazilian Maple (Ivorywood), with a natural finish and 5″ wood, would be for our great room, dining room, foyer, downstairs hallway, and 2 downstairs bedrooms.

We like this hardwood flooring for 3 reasons. 1. It looks beautiful, and it has an aluminum oxide coating for durability. 2. It is engineered wood, so it is more durable in our humid Floridian climate and it uses less Brazilian maple. 3. Johnson, the manufacturer, farms their trees in an environmentally sustainable way, getting 1/3 of their wood from fallen trees and another 1/3 from old or unhealthy trees that prevent the younger trees from growing.

This next photo is of the carpet we’ve chosen for our upstairs landing and master bedroom. It is by ShawMark, from the Home Again series, and the color is Going Abroad. I made a red circle around the color we wanted, which may or may not show up in this photo!

If you can’t see the circle, it’s the brown swatch just to the right of the green swatch.

Finally, for our downstairs bath, we have a distinct vision. That vision involves black and white tiles, pictured below on the bottom left:

We also met with an interior designer, Tim Rounsaville of Avec Designs. He was very helpful to us in choosing our colors for the house. I lugged the flooring samples out, and he mixed, matched, and came up with something that we think we will be happy with. Without further ado, here are our choices:

Sherwin Williams, SW6435, Gratifying Green, Guest Bedroom

Sherwin Williams, SW6798, Iceberg, Master Bedroom

Sherwin Williams, SW6498, Byte Blue, Great Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen

Sherwin Williams, SW6147, Panda White, Foyer & Hallways

Sherwin Williams, SW6800, Something Blue, Downstairs Bath

We now sit back and twiddle our thumbs, while we wait for pricing estimates for our flooring choices. We will then probably be back at square one, trying to find something affordable that we can love!


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