Adding a roof

We’re getting a roof finally! And we have windows! And doors! (Though the doors aren’t all put up.)

First the overview:

Now the close-up of our partial white metal roof and white soffits:

We chose white metal for its strength and reflective properties, and we are hoping that a white metal roof will have a much lower heat gain than a standard, black or gray shingled roof. Here is a photo of the roof metal, lying in the front yard:

Here is our HUGE, 12 foot wide great room door. It’s very cool, because the three portions move independently, so that we could open the first and middle panels, or the first and third panels, to get a breeze going through the house.

We have many windows, but the octagonal one is pretty cool. You can see that it still has gaps, so it’s open to the exterior around the corners. This window is inside our downstairs guest bath.

Our windows are MI Windows, and they are the BetterBilt series. The ratings vary, though all have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient in the .34-.37 range. They are Low-E, Argon filled windows, in keeping with our energy efficient home theme.

Finally, here is our entertainment center. It was so interesting to see our sketches come to life!

We are really happy with the way things are going, and can’t wait until the roof is finished and the siding and drywall start going up!


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