Electrical rough-in and miscellaneous information

First, the update on the house’s progress for this week. The electrician has come and gone, and has done the rough-in which is necessary before the roof can be put on. Here is a photo of the place where one of the light switches for the great room will be located:

And here is where one of our ceiling lights will be located:

Our big work for this week involved sketching out our entertainment center. At first, we had in mind an entertainment center with the shelves and partitions wrapped in drywall. After looking at some examples of this at the Lake Sumter Parade of Homes, we realized this look was too chunky for us. So Andy sketched out this drawing of our entertainment center:

The shaded gray areas will be made of drywall, but the shelves will be made of 3/4 inch plywood, edged with a veneer strip, so that we can either paint or stain the shelves. We’re thinking that we will probably paint the shelves white, but we can decide that later on.

Our builder, Woody, told us that our metal roof will be made by Southeastern Metals. We still have to confirm which model of metal roof is the one that will be used on our house, but we are planning on having a white metal roof, for maximum reflectivity.

Our tub in the master bath will be by Izzi Baths, a local company based out of Clermont. Part of green building is using local materials whenever possible, to save on fuel used in transportation. We also like using local suppliers because, as we did this weekend, we are then able to go to the manufacturer and see the various products in person.

We went to Izzi Baths to look at their tub models, and sent Woody two choices. Our first choice, the Aquamarine, is larger. If it will fit into our bathroom, that model would be our preference. The second choice is a slightly smaller tub, the Garnet. They are both corner models, and we have decided to go with the color Biscuit. The large white tubs had a bit of a glare, just because of their sheer mass. The biscuit color took the edge off but was still light enough to look fine with a white toilet (we hope!).

We are waiting for the plumber to come next week, and then the propane company will have to pull their permits and do their thing. After that, Woody says that everything will begin to happen at once – we will get our roof, Hardie Board siding, and windows. I think it will really look like a house then!


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