Okay, admittedly it doesn’t appear that much has happened this week. Basically, our plywood roof passed a Roof Sheathing Inspection (hurrah!) and an underlayment is being laid down over the plywood roof.

For the underlayment, our builder Woody Dortch of Classic Structures, Inc. used Titanium-UDL Synthetic Roofing Underlayment. I read about this online, and apparently it’s superior to felt (or claims to be) because it provides more reflectivity, is lighter & stronger, and is unaffected by water.  Woody said that this underlayment costs about twice what the felt underlayment would have cost, but he thinks that it is worth it, and we agree!  He said that its claim to fame is that, in case of a storm, if the metal roof were to be lifted off the building, this underlayment is supposed to stay down, so that our house will still stay dry.  Let’s hope that’s a claim that never gets tested.

Here is a photo of one of the roofers laying down the underlayment:

And here is a close-up of those spiffy little orange nails:

Other than this, the house looks just the same as it did last week, so I didn’t bother to include new house photos. After taking a few bids, Woody has found a roofer, and our next step is to get the white metal roof installed. Will it be a house then?


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