Is it a house yet?

We now have roof trusses and…

Drumroll, please…

A wooden roof! Ta da! It finally looks like an actual house. Okay, maybe a foam and wood house, but still, a house. My husband, however, persists in calling it a “lot,” despite his previous assurance that, once it had a roof, he would then call it a “house.”

So without further ado, here are the pictures. First, the overview from the front of the house:

Now we can actually see the front and back porches taking shape, with the plywood roof. Next is a view of the roof trusses from inside the house:

And another view of the trusses. This one was taken looking up toward the master bedroom (2nd floor) and toward the bay window of the guest bedroom on the first floor:

Here are two different views of the back porch, which will be screened in eventually. The builders haven’t yet finished putting the plywood on top of the porch.

Next steps: Getting an actual roof! We plan on having a white metal roof for maximum energy efficiency. It’s exciting to watch our house grow up out of the sandy soil of the lot.


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