And now ALL of our walls are solid!

When we last visited the house site, we had solid concrete first floor walls, and flimsy styrofoam second floor walls. All that is changed, is changed utterly. On Wednesday, at 11 am, the construction crew began pouring our second floor walls, and we are now solid all the way through. Notice the hurricane clips on the 2nd floor, as well.

Our next step is to have the roof trusses done, then the metal roof, then my husband will finally agree to call our structure a HOUSE! Our builder, Woody (Classic Structures, Inc.) says that we should have a roof within the next two weeks. Huzzah!

The other big change is that they’ve removed the wooden framing from our window & door spaces, so that now you can actually see through these areas. This is evident in the above photo, as well as in the below photo of the bay window in the guest room:

Notice the beautiful view of palmettos & oaks, through the bay window. Our guests will feel like they’re in the Tower of Terror gardens 🙂

Other than these changes, there really aren’t many obvious ones. The walls were hollow, and now they are solid. They had no hurricane clips, but now they do. The plywood is gone from the window & door spaces. This is not a terribly exciting blog entry, I realize.

The other thing that we realized is that there seem to be packs of dogs roaming at will through our community. We encountered one pack of three, consisting of a large, black Lab, an Australian shepherd, and a brown & white dog of indeterminate breed:

We are somewhat concerned about this, since we have a little beagle/lab mix, who we’d like to walk peacefully through our community, without having to worry about her encountering dogs who may or may not be aggressive and may or may not have their updated shots.

Because we’re not in incorporated Clermont, there are no leash laws, so I guess we just have to hope for the best!  The problem was the these three dogs surrounded our car so that we couldn’t drive; we obviously didn’t want to hit any of them, and were concerned about their safety.

(Our little Hannah)


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