We’ve got second floor walls!

Now our structure is beginning to rise, with the assembly of the Eco Blocks for the 2nd floor walls. They are still empty foam, but we now have a 2nd floor, so we are beginning to be able to see what the house will actually look like.

Here is the house from the front:

Here is another shot, this time from the side (by the garage), showing the different levels:

The garage, kitchen, dining area, and utility room will be only 1 story, while the rest of the house is a 2 story structure.

Here is a shot of the framing from the interior of the house. This photo was taken from the utility room, looking toward the foyer, future staircase, bathroom, and guest bedroom.

Andy got very brave and climbed UP a ladder, then DOWN the scaffolding, in order to take a few 2nd floor shots. Here is a photo of our future bedroom. The big window facing the back yard is visible in this picture:

And here is the view from our bedroom window:

We plan on keeping the pile of lumber there – isn’t it picturesque? We really like the view of our conservation area in the background; a forest is a lovely thing to look out on.

And here is a photo of the second floor reading nook, with its small window. I’m really looking forward to this area!

Then I got brave (sort of) and climbed the ladder high enough to take a picture THROUGH the second floor trusses.

Finally, a view of our house from the back.

You can see how the great room will have the large sliding glass doors and then, above the doors, two windows. We’re hoping this will be a light, airy room with a lovely view of the woodsy back yard.

Next steps: Woody says that they will begin pouring the 2nd floor walls by the end of this week. Huzzah!

We’ve been scouting high and low for a propane supplier, to sell us a tank, a generator, and drops for our hot water heater and stove. We need to act on this ASAP, in order to keep it from holding up construction. We also have been trying to decide between a tankless hot water heater and a regular hot water heater. The cost difference is about $1200, including the additional hookups. We like the idea of the tankless heater, and we like its energy efficiency, but we don’t know whether we have an additional $1200 to spend on this, or whether it will pay off in energy savings. Decisions, decisions.


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