Growing, growing…

We visited our halfway-house this Saturday, to see how the 2nd floor trusses were going. Some of the interior wall studs had also been put up, which you’ll be able to see in the next few pictures. Here is a closeup of the 2nd floor trusses, in the guest bedroom (near the bay window):

Photo of the trusses and interior walls:

This photo is of the future 2nd floor reading nook:

And here is a shot of some of our interior walls (bathroom, then stairwell, then entry to kitchen):

We did notice that the concrete was cracking around some of the pipes in the kitchen. According to my father, this is normal for concrete, unless the slab is a post tension slab.  So here is a photo of the cracking, but it’s a non-issue:

This time, we were somewhat light on pictures. We’re eagerly anticipating the completion of the 2nd floor trusses, so that our 2nd floor can begin to rise.


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