These Hollow Walls

We now have hollow walls, approximately 8-9 feet tall. It’s exciting to watch the house grow, so I will jump right to the good stuff: the photos!

First, an overall view of the house & the lot:

A closer view, so you can see the bay window (my favorite aesthetic feature):

An even closer view of the bay window:

And a view of the inside of the house, with scaffolding visible:

And, finally, a view of the electric box & inspection papers:

We do have yet another question about construction. I will consult the expert & post the answer as soon as I have it. Some of the Eco Blocks appear to be worn, with foam missing from parts, or corners worn down. In some cases, we can see right through the wall. My question is twofold: Will our insulation be of lesser quality, since it appears to be disintegrating? And how will the Eco Blocks contain the concrete, since they seem to be so fragile that they small styrofoam balls are blown away on the breeze? Pictures follow:

On our rambles around our subdivision this Saturday, we were lucky enough to catch sight of two gopher tortoises, the endangered species that had 4 empty burrows on our lot. Of course, being the doofus that I am, I closed my car door which caused both turtles to shoot down their hole. My husband was quick enough to catch a picture of the turtles’ departure, though:


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