And we have (very short) walls!

Can you call it a “house” when it’s only a floor & 2-foot high walls? My husband are in a dispute about this. He says, “Let’s go see the lot,” and I say, “Let’s go see the house.” He believes that to call it a house, when it only consists of a floor and partial walls is to give the building too much credit. I say that to call it a lot, when it clearly has a floor and partial walls, is to give the lot too much credit. Once it has a roof, we will both be calling it a house, so I guess until then, we will have this question of semantics.

The big news this week is that our walls have begun going up. They’ve not been poured yet, but the builders are laying out the ICF forms (Eco Blocks) in the shape of the walls. Here is an overview of the house:

You can see in these photos below that the blocks are being joined together, both with plastic ties and with rebar, in order to shape the walls of the house:

Before laying out the Eco Blocks, the builders needed to build models of all of the doors and windows. These models will allow them to construct the walls around the areas where these openings should be located, so that they don’t pour us one solid concrete structure with no way in or out.

Below is the model of the garage door:

And the model of the sliding glass back doors in the great room:

And the back door from the library:

Here you can see the forms for other windows, to be added later:

This wall is different from the others, because we will have a bay window here in the future guest room:

We also had some family visitors, and here they are using our “back door.”


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