Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have a Floor!

Well, a floor of sorts – it’s pretty much just a concrete slab, reinforced with rebar around the edges, but it’s the first actual, permanent, no-going-back step to construction of the house. This week, the floor was poured, and the foam blocks were delivered to the site. Woody says that now the longest part of construction is beginning: the pouring of our concrete walls into the foam blocks.

Photo of the slab from a distance, with foam blocks visible in blue & green wrappers:

Here is another photo of our slab. We’re somewhat concerned about the wet spots. Do they mean that the slab was poured unevenly? Will this cause problems down the line? Stay tuned for our next installment in which all of your questions will be answered (i.e. I will ask my father and then report back on his answers).

Here is a close-up of the rebar, which is jutting from the concrete at crazy angles. I’m not sure why this is, so, again, will check with my father and report back in the next installment.

Here is a close-up of the foam blocks, followed by a closeup of the label on the blue-wrapped packages of foam. As you can see, we are using Eco-Blocks, which are manufactured in Texas. This was our builder’s choice for the wall system, and we followed his advice.

Here are some nifty-difty labels and inspection sheets, from inside the dock box. First, two sheets for the pest control. Our foundation area (1700 sq. feet) was treated with 170 gallons of Demon Max, in order to prevent problems with termites or other nasty little pests. To me, 170 gallons of pesticide to cover 1700 sq. feet sounds like our area was thoroughly doused & drenched with chemicals, so I am not worried about future termite problems. That, and the fact that our walls will be made of concrete and foam, keep that worry from being anywhere near the top of my list of concerns.

As well as a copy of the county inspection sheet, showing that, thus far, we have passed a grand total of two – count ’em, two – inspections. Huzzah!

I am hoping that, next time I post, we will have the beginnings of our walls. I realize that this part of the process is the most time-consuming, but I am excited nonetheless!


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