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Before Pouring

November 28, 2006

This update is as of November 18, though it’s taken me a while to post it.  At this point, the builders have laid the form boards; the plumber has done a rough-in, and the inspector has checked the plumber’s work, so that the floor can be poured.  We were out of town for the holidays and weren’t able to see the concrete work that has been done yet, but these photos show the form boards and the plumbing work.

It’s amazing how TINY the house looks, just laid out on the ground.  The first floor is over 1200 sq. feet, but when we’re wandering around it, it feels much smaller than our <800 sq. foot apartment!  So without further ado, the most recent photos:

Me in front of the bathroom:

Another view of the bathroom:

Looking at the kitchen & bathroom:


November 6, 2006

The process of clearing the land is now complete, or at least complete enough to begin construction. There are still some scrubby looking areas, but we are going to focus on that later, when we think about landscaping, and are ready to begin actual construction now.

Before the builder could begin, the lot needed to be filled with a LOT of fill dirt. I am going to post pictures below that capture this as much as possible. Basically, right now we have a large, flat-topped hill in the middle of our lot, upon which the house will go.

So the fill is in, and the density tests were taken last Thursday, November 2. Next steps, for this week, are the form boards and the plumber, to do his rough in.