Permit at last, permit at last…

Today is the day: we finally got our building permit from Lake County. What a lovely thing to come home to, especially on a Friday afternoon! Write this in red letters – on October 6, 2006 (approximately 11 months after hiring our designer), we are all cleared to begin.

There was a hold up, because the county office didn’t like something about the engineer’s work. I think he needed to explain something in more detail. Anyway, Woody submitted our plans for permit for a second time on September 25, and today we got the go ahead. WOO HOO!

There has been a slight change in our plans, since my last entry. My husband was actually hired by Disney, who packed up our things and moved us down here to Florida in a whirlwind 3 weeks. This meant that I, sadly, had to leave my job teaching 7th grade English and chairing the Gifted Department and move to my current job, where I teach honking big 6th graders in Osceola County. Approximately half of these children are 14-15, when they should, ideally, be 11. It is truly sad when you can drive to school and you’re only in the SIXTH grade! I’m hoping this school isn’t indicative of Florida’s educational system – otherwise, I don’t know how anyone would graduate before the tender age of 35.

The good news, though, is that now that we are here, I will be able to post much more information & more photos, as we continue the process of building our first home.


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