To Permit we go

Finally, finally, we are ready to apply for our building permits.  Apparently Lake County has a fun process whereby our builder shows up, and they turn him down because he’s missing something.  He gets that something, returns, and they turn him down because he’s missing something else.

They have a list of necessary items, which they only dole out bit by bit, to prolong the process as much as possible.  Fun, fun, fun!

So we think, we think, that…  drumroll…  today is the day.  The (supposedly) last thing we were missing was a site plan that included the location of well & septic tank, both of which have to be 75 feet apart from each other, as well as 75 feet away from the neighbors’ tanks. Our plan is to have the septic tank on the back west boundary of the property, and the well in the front yard.  We could probably have put the well in the backyard, but Woody said that, had our neighbors put their well in their backyard (thankfully they didn’t), we would not have been able to build.  He doesn’t want to put our other neighbor, who hasn’t built yet, into a similar bind.

Woody tells us that we can get a well that isn’t very large, then plant some bushes around it to cover it, so that is what we will do.

We are keeping our fingers crossed now that everything else goes well (no pun intended!)


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