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July 18, 2006

Here are some photos I’ve taken of our floorplans. Notice the thickness of the exterior walls, due to ICF construction:

Front elevation:

Rear Elevation:

Rear Elevation

First floor interior plans

First Floor Plans

Second Floor Plans:

Second Floor Plans


Engineering update

July 18, 2006

Woody gave me another update today, July 18.  The engineering firm should have our plans finalized by next week, at which point, the HVAC people need the plans for a day or two to finish the ductwork plans.  After this, we can apply for permits.

Woody is optimistic about the availability of subcontractors.  Apparently the housing market in Florida, which has been booming so amazingly, has begun to slow down.  Subcontractors are not as busy as they have been, which means that we might be able to get their services for a slightly better price, which is always good.

On the topic of the Florida housing market, Woody said that there are so many houses on the market right now that builders are offering amazing incentives, like a free Mini Cooper with the purchase of a house!

Once the plans are finished…

July 10, 2006

Apparently the permit process is much more complex than I expected. Now that our house plans are (finally, six months later!) finished, Woody, our builder, sent them to the truss engineering company. For those of you as unfamiliar as I was with the construction process, this was the next step, after plan design but before sending them to be sealed by an actual engineer.

Woody called me on July 7 to give me an update on where we stand. The truss engineering company had finished doing the truss engineering for our plans. They had, however, laid off their employee who put these plans into electronic format, so they only had the plans in paper format. Woody had lined up an engineer, but the engineer would only take the plans in electronic format, so he then had to find another engineer. Our designer sent our house plans (not the truss engineering plans) to this engineer, but she sent them in an incorrect format, so on July 7, Woody went to the engineer’s office himself, house plans and truss engineering plans in hand, and contracted for this engineer’s services. Now we wait for the approximately 2-3 weeks the engineer has estimated it will take him to stamp our plans, and then we can finally apply for a permit.

In the meantime, Woody has requested that we send him our choices for exterior door and kitchen cabinet styles, which we did through our own webpage.

Our experience building a home in Central Florida

July 10, 2006

This is going to be about our experience with building a custom home in Central Florida, more specifically in Lake County, Florida. We’re not sure if our land is actually located in Clermont or in Groveland; for some reason, we’re listed on some county documents as one, and on other documents as the other. Most documents, however, say we’re in Clermont, so that’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

My husband & I are actually located in Charlotte, North Carolina, so we’re doing this all long-distance. Because of this, we had to find a custom builder who we really trusted to be honest, do a good job, and look out for our best interests.
I’m going to post a bit of background in another post; this is just a basic intro, to let you know the purpose of this page.  Hopefully it will be informative, and hopefully it will contain some useful information to other people looking to build custom homes.